Betting The NFL – Gambling on football is a past time

NFL fans have that crazed look in their eyes. It’s been way too long since the Super Bowl, but thankfully, the long wait is over. Its football time baby, bring it on. A long wait it was indeed but wait no more. We all love betting on other sports such as the NBA or MLB but we live for the NFL. The NFL is our weekly fix and who can live without it?

The time is now; it’s time to make the deposit to your friendly sportsbook. The question is, who do you spend your hard-earned money with this year? With the NFL action on top of us right now; a decision must be made. Nobody is advising you to make a snap decision. You are investing your money and anytime you spend money, it should be spent wisely.

For many, gambling on football is a past time, or a hobby such as fishing, working on cars or playing golf. It all cost money and when you spend money, you want things to be right; in order. You would never play a round of 18 at a golf course that requires the use of specific clubs, such as a specific brand name. If the golf course says that you must play with “Ping” and you have a great set of “Wilsons”, how likely is it that you will search out a golf pro shop and spend big bucks on new clubs? Of course, you wouldn’t do that. You will go to a course that’s friendly to your needs. You will spend money where they appreciate you and where they work hard to make you feel welcome.

This is how you should be looking at your sportsbook. If they are not or have not been meeting your needs, then give them the boot! Your time is much too valuable to waste and every dollar you spend matters. Choosing a sportsbook is no exception. You demand great customer service, fast and efficient payouts, easy deposit options, great bonus options and most of all; free stuff!

You probably have very little extra time to research the internet in pursuit of the top sportsbooks out there. There are a ton of them, too many to spend countless, mind-numbing hours researching. Leave the hard work to us. We have done our homework, we have spent the countless hours doing the dirty work!

There are several great sportsbooks out there, we have come up with a couple of that we feel are worthy of mentioning. For this conversation, we have narrowed the field to one book in particular. Americas Bookie.

Through firsthand experience, we have learned that Americas Bookie pays out and they pay out quickly. They do not play with your money. They offer fantastic bonuses that will not rob your bank roll or keep you hog tied in rollover for months on end. They offer above average customer service, with great deposit options. If you like free contests, they have them. Completely 100% free.

Giving them an A +, we highly recommend Americas Bookie for this NFL season. Enjoy it, have fun. Most of all; break the bookie!

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