Tips for Building Postseason MLB Betting Action as a Private Bookie

The MLB regular season just ended and that loss of daily action can mean a major loss of betting income for any private bookie that has built a large customer base of MLB bettors. That does not have to be the case if you take a few simple steps to make the proper transition over to the upcoming playoffs in what is without a doubt the most exciting time of the year for betting on baseball.

The first step in maintaining as much MLB betting activity as possible over the next month or so is to make sure that all of your active betting customers know that you will be offering a full array of betting lines for all the games as well as betting odds for series prices, AL and NL Pennant futures and World Series futures as well as a number of prop bet odds in conjunction with the action on the field.

There is a good chance that you will pick up some added betting action from customers that recently switched their attention away from baseball to concentrate on the new football season. Playoff baseball equates with added drama as each and every game as the ability to have a major impact on the outcome of a series. Your typical avid sports bettor tends to feed off that added drama when it comes to adding even more excitement to the games. Adding futures to mix is just good business sense and there is an entire world of opportunity to add some bottom-line profit to your entire operation when it comes to MLB Playoff prop bets.

The next tip to building additional betting action during October’s run to the World Series is to offer some kind of incentives for your best MLB betting customers. This is the perfect time of the year to give something back to the baseball bettors that have supported your MLB bookmaking service since opening day way back in April. You could offer a free bet bonus based on MLB betting volume and rollovers. Everyone loves contests so why not put something together that runs all the way through this year’s Fall Classic. Reduced juice on bets is always a crowd favorite and a perfect chance to pass on some savings to your loyal MLB bettors.

A key factor in making any of your MLB postseason marketing initiatives pay off to the fullest is having a solid social media plan in place to communicate the details of what you are offering for the MLB division and championship series as well as the biggest betting event of all, the World Series. This should consist of a general media blast as well as occasional updates throughout the week to keep your customers up to date as to what is going on.

In order to successfully compete with the big offshore sportsbooks that are constantly trying to attract sports bettors to their million dollar websites, you need to be even more creative in your approach to keeping both existing customers as well as prospective ones constantly engaged in everything that you have to offer. Sitting back and hoping that betting customers come to you with their MLB action is not a plan. Rather it is a quick way to watch potential profits slip through the cracks.

Capitalizing on the MLB Playoffs is not a hard thing to do as long as you have the proper plan in place and the proper means to execute it. Once you do take the time to establish your private bookmaking service as a one-stop shop for betting on baseball, you will have created another viable revenue stream that runs all the way from April through October.


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